The working principle of welding automatic lightening welding mask

The working principle of liquid crystal automatic light-change welding mask is to use the special photoelectric properties of liquid crystal, that is, the liquid crystal molecules will have a certain rotation after adding voltage at both ends of the liquid crystal, so that the voltage applied to the liquid crystal sheet can be controlled to change the rate of light passage, to achieve the effect of adjusting the shading number and to play the purpose of welding protection. When there is no arc light, visible light can pass through the liquid crystal sheet as much as possible, welders with it can see the welded workpiece clearly, and there is no discomfort, in the moment of the arc can quickly become dark state, effectively protect the eyes of welders from harmful rays and strong light exposure.

Shading number is the filter group can filter how much degree, the value of the shading number indicates the specific shading number under the level of shading, the larger the shading number, the greater the degree of darkening the filter group, the current liquid crystal automatic dimming welding mask are in accordance with international standards, the shading number is set to 9~13#. The choice of shade is a matter of comfort or not, and welders should choose the most comfortable way and maintain good visibility under specific application conditions. Choosing a suitable shading number allows the welder to clearly see the starting point and help the welder improve the welding level. When the material of the welding object is different, different shade numbers should be selected to better see the welding object clearly and ensure better comfort.

The working process of liquid crystal automatic dimming welding mask: according to the different welding methods and welding currents, adjust the shading number knob to select the appropriate shading number; Adjust the viewing angle of the mask headband and window so that you can feel comfortable and see the welded object clearly; At the moment of spot welding arc, after the arc signal detection circuit detects the arc signal, the window quickly and automatically dims and reaches the set shading number, and the continuous welding work can begin; The welding work is over, the arc signal disappears, and the window immediately returns to normal.

Post time: Nov-24-2022